Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Daily Diaries: Mid Season Wobble

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

This is another post tracking my progress throughout the weeks and months of the year to monitor the changes that happen to my body. Quick update: I have now found the gym and with any luck my membership will begin Saturday; we are aiming for at least two posts a week one from me on Tuesday and will on Wednesday. Moving on to today then...

 My goals for the month

 So what I decided to take the form (technique ) of my exercises and really work on improving this so that even if it means dropping reps I can get the best results for what I do and that I work everything in the correct way which also decreases the risk of injury. Legs went up in the pecking order so aiming to work them every day - every other day. As for eating I intended to eat more fruit and dairy rather than binge out on all the wrong stuff.

What actually happened

Well I know we are only half way through the month, but I am already starting to feel a lack of motivation and desire as a result I have cut workouts shorts and not performed them with maximum intensity. However I believe every cloud has a silver lining, so with that in mind: my technique for the exercises was a lot better and as a result I tried quicker leading do a drop in reps. As for legs, I kept to pretty much what I had in mind performing squats daily other than the odd rest day, which is how I foresaw this area of the routine to shape. The diet has not been too bad being brutally honest, other than a lack of dairy on a regular basis perhaps


Well as you might expect I am currently a little out of shape and I cant actually see it yet but I reckon I have gained a bit of weight around the stomache area. For once I am actually seeing noticeable improvements as I am able to jump much further and higher so it is clear to me that the technique of lower slowly and rising upwards fast is the way to get the most out of the squats. For my diet I cant say I have noticed too much of an impact but I know I am short of energy a lot of the time so perhaps more carbohydrates are in order.

Next Time

I am going to be more active and proactive in order to get in to a shredded shape for the summer, I'm going to try to get myself motivated and rearing to go, to make sure I can get back to my peak and then push further. Hopefully the gym will be the kicks tart I am looking for.


You have to keep working as you loose your shape a lot easier than what you gain it. Stay committed and learn from my mistakes.

Hope this helps, I know that this is a popular series so please tell me what else I could include of change to make it even better. Please read again, check out other posts, some comments plus ones etc., would be nice and any following is returned (you can also follow the blog that would be awesome)- work hard and peace!



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