Tuesday, 10 February 2015

3000 views + !!! (advanced core workout)

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

I am going to start this post by sending a massive thank you out there to everyone who has been viewing and looking at some of the stuff we have written and shared. I think it is absolutely insane to see just how much the blog has grown and developed over the last 6 and a bit months, from going from starting up the blog with no experience, simply on the spur of the moment to now having over 3000 views.

My Google plus profile has a total of over 131,000 views which is also incredible; I am fully aware I post lots of comments on communities and that I talk to a lot of people via hangouts, but it is all to get better advise so that I can improve my content and become a better blogger in the long run of things. On top of this I have know accumulated a whopping following of 119 to date which was initially at 0 as I made a new account in order to dedicate entirely to the blog. In addition, I have to say hearing from readers/other bloggers and meeting new people across the world has been a great experience and it is always warming to hear that people are listening to what you have to say and doing some of the things that I do. So to everyone who has read, commented on, subscribed to, followed my self or any thing I have written I would like to say thank you! I love hearing from you guys so please continue with this and if you haven't subscribed to the blog already please do so there is a button showing where towards the bottom of the page.

Just a bit of house keeping: I have now found myself a new gym and will be aiming to join there over the next week. Post wise I shall post every Monday and Will shall do Thursdays and there will be an extra one at another day once a week as well. Series wise we shall get started on Back to Basics again, My weight loss journey, reviews, top sources and 101 Workouts shall all be coming up on top of Daily Diaries

Advanced Core Workout

So a lot of you have had a look at the General Core Workout and the Standard Sit-ups page (if you haven't I suggest you go have a look now before hand then come back to this post). The General Core Workout is a routine that I have created by simply finding exercises and adding them one after another. The idea of this being a single set of high reps and lots of activities to be performed at your maximum and given 100% intensity and effort so that you work really hard on every area one time at your absolute maximum. This will help improve your abdominals in general and an all round core workout, rather than more specific one tailored to an individual goal, this one is designed for some one who wants to work everything in that muscle area.

The advanced workout adds more reps, more exercises and an even more all round experience, it also opens up opportunity to apply sets to work into more depth. This being a step up from the General as the extra activities provide a higher level of difficulty and are for those already in a decent physical shape and have progressed from lower tier workouts ( when you find them getting easy). This is designed for those working at an intermediate or experienced level.

* number of reps given equate from intermediate/experienced/body-builder in order
  • Standard sit ups 25/30/40
  • Side sit ups (right) 25/30/40
  • Side sit ups (left)25/30/40
  • Reversed bicycle crunches 25/30/40
  • Russian Twists 25/30/40
  • Jacknives 25/30/40
  • Leg raises 25/30/40
  • Stationary leg raise help for 1/1.5/3mins
Sets can then be added once you find the workout easy but work up by staying at intermediate sets just moving on to experienced sets and then body-builder sets before changing to experienced reps but back to intermediate sets.

An extra tip for this workout would be to vary each side of the side sit ups each time you do the workout or else one side would end up becoming more developed than the other.

This is a much improved workout than the General as it really works on developing all 8 of the abdominal muscles rather than just the normal top 6 it helps bring the last 2 to show as well and toning the others further in the process.

Thanks for 3000 views next landmark being 5000 so make sure you keep checking out the blog and older posts etc, follow the blog and me, plus one everything and please comment ideas as well- work hard and peace!



  1. We should chat because, I just started a blog like a month or 2 ago. I'll love to talk about improving our blogs.^.^

  2. We should chat because, I just started a blog like a month or 2 ago. I'll love to talk about improving our blogs.^.^

  3. Hi,I love your posts!I would like to hear more from you!I am a fitness blogger too.