Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My eating plan - part 1/2

Welcome to 5.14 fitness,

Today I am going to post about what I eat on a day to day basis, as I try to be healthy with what I eat. I will also make some comments about what is healthy to eat and how I could improve my own "diet".
I used to eat without a care, however now I try to choose foods that are good and I do try not to eat too much. I know that I probably am quite foolish without knowing with what I eat- so I will be glad to hear feedback on improvements or anything I am doing wrong.

I have researched about food and what men should eat in order to become healthy and fit. Despite all the information I gained, I still can not incorporate some of the foods into my life, as it is either too expensive or not available to buy where I live.
I have control over all my meals apart from my dinner- which my mum cooks and I have little say on what I want. The meals are usually quite big and occasionally quite unhealthy, however I can not change them as my mum does not like me eating any less than what she gives me - ( she claims I need to eat more and I am too thin ) .

It is recommended that you have 6 meals a day, which is breakfast, lunch, dinner , two snacks in-between those meals, and dessert. It is also good to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. I can not do this, as I don't have that much control over what I eat ( I am living and eating with a family of five )


I have two options for breakfast.

1.) The first is shredded wheat bite size, which I ate for the last 3 or 4 months. I like to have cereal for breakfast, as it is quick and I do not have a lot of time in the mornings. For breakfast, ideally you would have something like egg on toast, as it is good on protein and other things. However, something high in fibre is good as it fills you up quick.
I spent a bit of time looking at what the best cereals are, and I found that shredded wheat bite size is the best one to go for. Throughout all the articles I looked at, this cereal was the number 1 . High in fibre, and with virtually no sugar, this cereal is incredibly good for you and has everything inside it for a very beneficial breakfast.

Although, there is one problem...the taste.
For the first two days it was all right, however after that I realised how bland and tasteless it was. It literally tasted of nothing; it was like eating solidified air or sometimes sawdust. The lack of taste may turn you off it completely, but it is very healthy so I still ate it and eat it for that reason.

2.) The second breakfast I have is the one I have the most often now. It is a simple, well known breakfast that is porridge. Porridge is very good for you, for reasons that I am sure all of you know. It is quick to make, full of beneficial oats and nuts, and is even quite tasty ( unlike the shredded wheat ), I have a fruit and nut flavoured one, although it is healthier to make your own porridge, as then there will be no added flavours and ingredients that knock the porridge down on the "healthometer". So if you can make your own, I strongly advise it!

The next post will finish my eating diary off and talk about what I have for my lunch, my snacks and my dinner.
Criticism , in this case , is a good thing and if anybody has problems or improvements to my eating lifestyle then please do tell me.

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