Sunday, 18 January 2015

Just a quick update

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness, 

So I appologise for the lack of posts over the last week, however I have been really busy else where with exams and school at the moment, therefore Inhave not had the free time that I would and use to post with. But I have tried to stay pretty healthy and and active when I could over the last few days and this will just be a progress check on how I am feeling and doing.

I confess to have eaten a fair share of fatty and sugary foods over the past week, however this was intended to keep me awake and alert so that I would be able to complete the busy routines scheduled for this week in particular. I also admit to a lack of dairy and calcium, however other than that I can safely say that I have been eating a pretty balanced diet. Moreover, over the last week I have actually cut down on fats and increased dairy, but I have not eaten as much and as frequently, so I think I will be in a good place if I have the same percentage of balance just increase the quantities. 

Moving on to physical appearance I am feeling quite proud of how things are going, I have really cut down on stomachs fat and developed my six pack and worked hard at a new gym routine to increase my arm size. In particular triceps have really been targeted and worked.

So this was just a quick post, I am feeling great! So I hope you enjoyed, please check out other posts and come back in the future, new posts coming soon, please follow me and comment etc everything is returned remember- work hard and peace! 



  1. Nice..keep up the good work , hope your now in my reading list?

  2. Haha yeah you are and have been for a while