Saturday, 18 July 2015

Back to Basic #2

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness, 

This post continue from the previous back to basics, expat get the foundations of activity and exercise.

Stages of participation:

Foundation- beginner, first time 
Participation - non competitive, school clubs
Performance- competitive, tournaments
Excellence- Olympics, the best 

Categories of influence ( remembered as CHIPS R):

Culture: race, age, gender, religion 
Health: illness, health problems 
Image: fashion, media
People: peers, family, role models
Socioeconomic: costs, status
Resources: access, time, location 

Health related fitness components of exercise: (Big Fat Maureen Munches Cakes)

Body composition- the percentage of body weight that is fat, water, muscle or bone 
Flexibility- amount of range possible at a joint
Muscular strength- amount of force a muscle can exert
Muscular endurance- using muscles many times without tiring 
Cardiovascular fitness/ endurance- exercising the entire body over a period of time 

Skill related fitness components of exercise: (P CRABS)

Power- ability to perform strength activities quickly, strength x speed 
Balance- ability to keep the body's centre of mass above the base of support 
Coordination- ability to use 2 or more body parts at the same time 
Agility- ability to change position quickly and control the movement 
Speed- ability to perform a movement quickly or cover a distance in a period of time 
Reaction time- time taken between the presentation of a stimulus and a movement 

Methods of training (more posts to follow in detail soon!)


Principles of training (RIPS FITT)

Reversibility, rest, recovery 
Individual needs
Progressive overload


This post will be continued ...

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