Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Goals - May Update

Welcome to 5.14 fitness,

Hi guys, I apologise for the long absence but both Jack and I have had two weeks of exams so have not had the time to post. 
However, these exams are now over and we are reading to get back to business, and I am starting by updating on my goals and routines. 

It has been a while since I last updated on this, and I have changed my schedule quite a bit. As you might tell, I am not a hard-core fitness fanatic that will push to extremes to get results. Instead, I workout 6 days a week and eat healthily. My workouts are all usually an hour long but may be less or more depending on the time I have. 

I mix together weight training, high intensity interval training and circuit training to formulate my workouts, and I base them around my day to day life,  I often have limited time, and so my free time is taken up by these workouts which makes them a lot less enjoyable! I only have a small amount of space ( my bedroom ) and so all my workouts can be done anywhere - trust me when I say that, my room is tiny.  
Last time I updated, I told you about my new weights plan and my full schedule. I have now changed that slightly, as I now have access to a gym once a week. This means that on a Wednesday I now do weight lifting and can work on areas I could not before. I have also introduced an extra abdominal workout so that I do it four times a week now. 

Here is my full schedule:
Monday- 40 mins Insanity followed by 20 mins Weightlifting
Tuesday- 25 mins cardio followed by 20 mins Abdominal workout followed by 10 mins chest workout
Wednesday 45 mins weight lifting followed by 20 mins Abdominal workout
Thursday- 40 mins Insanity followed by 20 mins Weightlifting  
Friday- 25 mins Abdominal workout 
Saturday- 45 mins weight lifting, 20 mins Abdominal workout
Sunday- Rest

As you can see, I still do Insanity twice a week which is incredibly effective and is very intense. It burns a lot more than regular cardio and trains all aspects of your body also. I hope this update tells you a little more about what I do- next time I will talk about the results of it. 

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