Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Goals Update + New Weights Workout

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness, 

Today I will be posting about how my workouts are going and how I have achieved my goals. 

As I have said, I planned to do Insanity 3 times a week followed by 20 minutes of weight lifting. On the other 3 days, I planned to do weight lifting followed by an abdominal workout. Instead, I have been doing something a little different but still has the same results hopefully. I have also introduced a new weight lifting workout that I will share with you. 

I still follow that basic plan I set, however I have made a few differences to fit in with my schedule. Here is my full week plan:

Monday- 40 mins Insanity followed by 20 mins Weightlifting
Tuesday- 45 mins Weightlifting followed by 15 mins Abdominal workout
Wednesday 25 mins cardio followed by 20 mins Abdominal workout
Thursday- 40 mins Insanity followed by 20 mins Weightlifting  
Friday- 25 mins Abdominal workout 
Saturday- 50 mins Weightlifting  
Sunday- Rest

As you can see, I have 3 core workouts: Cardio, Abdominals and Weightlifting. I do 3 of each every week in order to focus on all the groups. I make sure that I do not have 3 days in a row of weights, as it is important to have a recovery period for your muscles to grow. As I often do not have time for Insanity on Wednesdays like I planned, I do a 25 minute cardio circuit training video which I found on Youtube.
I am still focusing on my Triceps and Biceps and looking to lower my body-fat percentage like I wanted to. This plan Is what I am trying to do every week, however sometimes there are complications and I try my hardest to make up for them. I will post now and again to say if this plan is working and If i am doing too much or too little ( I don't know yet!). I you have any improvements to my plan, I would love some feedback.  

Now onto my new Weightlifting plan. It is called The Ultimate 6-week Home Workout. I am doing it because it only requires dumbbells and a bench, which is what I have. There are 3 parts to it : A legs and shoulders day, a chest and back day and an arms day. I am currently only doing the arms day 3 times a week . I am replacing the other days with arms as I am focusing on that group. 
I do this workout 4 times a week- the full thing on two days and half on the other two ( 3 in total ) . I ma starting straight away on week 2 as week 1 looks a bit to easy. 
Here it is:

Week 1-2       Week 3-4      Week5-6
Standing Biceps Curl                       
2*X 6-8            3 X 8-10       4 X 10-12
Overhead Triceps Extension            
2*X 6-8            3 X 8-10       3 X 10-12
Incline Curl                                      
2 X 6-8            2 X 8-10       3 X 10-12
Weighted Bench Dip                        
2 X 6-8            3 X 8-10       4 X 10-12
One-Arm Incline Preacher Curl                
2 X 6-8            3 X 8-10       3 X 10-12
Lying Triceps Kickback                  
2 X 6-8            3 X 8-10       3 X 10-12
Reverse Curl                                   
3 X 6-8            2 X 8-10       3 X 10-12 

I will keep you updated on this workout. Thank for reading, please subscribe and like (we will like and subscribe back) . Thanks again and peace! 


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